Men's Discipleship Ministry


As believers we are called to "follow Christ." Our discipleship classes are a form of mentoring and following. It's a ministry in which we follow the New Testament pattern of one-on-one or small group relationships to meet for the central purpose of challenging each other toward Christlikeness. We spiritually and mentally, follow the example of the Lord as the Twelve also followed after Jesus physically, doing what He would do and obeying what He says to do. The term discipleship refers to the life of committed obedience.


Men's Discipleship Class typically take place every Monday at 10:00am

Men's Ministry


Men’s Ministry is designed to target and get men involved with serving the church. It is also to equip the heads of each household with instruction and wisdom on guiding their families. Meeting together on a constant basis allows us to encourage one another, build friendships, and promote transparency.


Men’s Ministry meetings include: Men’s Fellowship (Last Wednesday before the 1st Sunday of each month in the Church Annex) and

Men’s Breakfast (2nd Saturday of each month, location varies)



Women's Ministry


Our purpose is to bring women of all ages together for fellowship and growth in their faith in Jesus Christ by providing a place to study the Word of God, and practice application on using the gifts that God has given them to minister to others.


Women’s Ministry typically takes places the 2nd Monday of every month in the Church Annex.



The Remnant


This is a group of young people (Ages 18-33) designed to impact their generation, and both generations before and after them through an understanding of what is actually happening in the world around them. To help them in the everyday challenges they face, to live with integrity and to have a good testimony before a watching world waiting on them to fail. We talk about current trends, critical issues, the emerging change in church, hot topics, or whatever was on their minds.


The Remnant meeting typically take place the 4th Friday of every month over dinner at a local restaurant. Location changes monthly.